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Computer Lab Software


Computer Lab Software

The IT Department partners with other campus departments to offer a variety of Software Applications and Tools for Students, Staff, and Faculty. These applications are available on all IT operated Lab computers.

  • Features
    • Available on IT Lab computers throughout campus
    • Access to Student, Staff, and Faculty resources
    • Includes Paw Prints services
  • Benefits

    Users do not need to own a computer or purchase Software to use these campus resources. Many of the applications are required by certain courses and/or instructors. Some applications are available for users to run on their own free-of-charge.

  • Who May Use This Service?

    All current Students, Staff, and Faculty.

  • How Do I Get Started?

    Visit any of the open computer labs operated by the IT department and loin to the Lab computer of your choice. Applications are listed on the Desktop and in the Menus.

  • What Is Included With This Service?

    The current Software available on the IT Lab computers is listed below. If you would like to request new Software for your class or coursework, please complete the 'Computer Labs Software Request' form by clicking the following link: UCCS Self-Service Portal.

  • When Is Support Available For This Service?


  • How Much Does This Service Cost?

    IT Lab Software is provided in-part with Student Technology Fees.

  • How Do I Get Training For This Service?

    All users can contact an IT Lab advisor or a technician at the IT Service Desk for assistance on using the IT Lab Software. Faculty can visit the Faculty Resource Center for assistance on using Applications in a classroom/ instructional setting.

  • How do I Request Other Software be Installed on Lab Machines?

    Other software can be installed on lab computers by filling out the Computer Lab Software Request form located here: Cherwell Self Service Portal

    Software requests must be submitted by July 1st for Fall Semester, and December 1st for Spring Semester. Requests submitted after these dates will only be considered under special circumstances.

    1. Click on Cherwell Self Service Portal
    2. Click on "Computer Lab Software Request Form" located in the "Computer Labs" portion.
    3. Sign in using your UCCS username and password.
    4. Read all of the information at the top of the page (also located below) listing the requirements and guidelines for software to be installed on Lab Computers.
    5. Fill out all of the information requested in the form. The more details that are provided, the better. If information is missing, it can delay the approval process.
    6. Press "Save" at the top of the screen.

    Once the request has been submitted, it goes to our Lab Administrators team for analysis, testing, then installation if approved. You will be notified if the request was approved, rejected, or if we require additional information to process the request.

    The IT Department receives many requests to add software applications to our computers and classrooms. In most cases these requests can be accommodated, but due to the limited number of resources and heavy demand, careful steps must be taken to avoid any disruptions or conflicts. Please refer to the following guidelines when submitting a request for specialized software in the labs and classrooms:

    1. Software requests can only be submitted by University departments, faculty members, or other campus members with a valid UCCS user account. Any person submitting a request will be designated as the Sponsor for that software.
    2. Software requests must be submitted using the OIT Service Desk Cherwell Self Service Portal by completing the Computer Labs Software Request form.
    3. Software requests must be submitted by July 1st for Fall Semester and December 1st for Spring Semester. Requests submitted after these dates will only be considered under special circumstances.
    4. Sponsors are responsible for providing the correct software media, web URL's, support documentation, and licensing information to the IT Department when submitting a software request.
    5. The requested software must be able to run on the computer hardware and operating systems available in the labs, and must be supported under those constraints by the software publisher.
    6. Any software requiring a license must utilize a campus site license or concurrent-usage license model for multiple clients. For software with licensing server options, any additional required resources must be provided by the Sponsor. License compliance will be verified before the software is approved and installed.
    7. The IT Department reserves the right to refuse the installation of any software that uses problematic copy protection methods, requires changes to security or firewall settings, or causes any disruptive changes to the existing lab image.
    8. Campus IT Lab Images are updated once per semester and any software determined to be obsolete or without a license or sponsor may be removed. It is the sponsor's responsibility to maintain an active license or support contact for their software and any version changes or updates must be submitted by the software request deadlines.

    The IT Department cannot always guarantee the full functionality of your software after installation and testing. It is the responsibility of the Sponsor to test and verify their software works as expected prior to its use.


  • Software Catalog

    Visit the OIT Software Catalog to view the software and applications available in OIT supported labs and classrooms.