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Paw Prints is a managed printer service available to all UCCS Students, Faculty, and Staff. Customers can use their UCCS account to print to multiple locations on campus.

  • Features
  • Who May Get this Service?

    Students, Faculty and Staff

  • What Do I need to get this Service?

    Student Pawprints accounts are automatically created 

    Faculty and Staff can use the PawPrints services in two ways:

    1. Through the department pawprints account if the department that has allowed Pawprints printing 
    2. Through the purchase of a pre paid card available at the Kramer Family Library
  • When is Support Available?

    Posted IT Service Desk hours.

  • How Much does this Service Cost?

    Prices and limitations may change, the cost of the print job is always displayed before printing commences.

    The amount of printing between billing cycles is capped at $25. If you would like to print more than this amount, just ask a Lab Advisor for an increase to your Paw Prints quota. If you do not specify an amount the quota will be increased to $50. Please be aware that it may take up to 48 hours for this request to be processed. If Paw Prints is ever unavailable, or if you are waiting on a quota increase to take effect, the UCCS Copy Center is also able to handle any and all of your printing needs.
    More information: UCCS Copy Center

Follow You Printing

The Follow-You-Printing service is the most convenient way to submit a print job using Paw Prints.  By sending your print job to the Follow-You-Printing queue, your job is securely held until you decide to pick it up at an available Release Station on campus.  Just walk up to a Release Station and enter your Student ID number on the keypad or swipe your Student ID card* to release all the print jobs you have submitted over the last 24 hours.

Users can send print jobs to the Follow-You-Printing queue from nearly all computer labs and classrooms on campus, as well as the Mobile-Printing website.  Customers are charged only when the print jobs are released, and jobs that are older than 24 hours will be automatically deleted without charging the customer.  To view and manage the documents in your Follow-You-Printing queue, log into the Paw Prints User Dashboard.

Release Stations are located in the following areas:

  • El-Pomar Library - Open Computer Lab
  • Columbine Hall - Open Computer Lab - Room 231
  • Columbine Hall - Communication Center - Room 312
  • Centennial Hall - Science Center - Room 204
  • Dwire Hall - Business Computer Lab - Room 123
  • University Hall - Nursing Computer Lab - Room 118
  • Gateway Hall – Student Veterans Center – Room 120
  • Copper House – Academic Commons – Room 204
  • LaPlata House – Academic Commons – Room 100
  • DownTown Campus – Open Study Area

Please refer to the hours of operation for each area and be sure to ask our lab advisors if you have any questions about the service or need assistance with Paw Prints.

 *(At this time the UCCS Lion One Card does not work with the Paw Prints Release Station.)

Email Printing

Print jobs may also be submitted via email to a designated Paw Prints printer from your UCCS Email Account. Both the body of your email message (even if blank) and any attachment(s) over 50kb will be printed.

When submitting a print job by email, you will receive an automated email confirmation that requires you to visit a web link to authorize the print job and it's cost.  Jobs will print immediately after clicking the authorization link, except for Follow-You-Printing which will be held until released at Follow-You-Printing Station.  If the link is not visited within 30 minutes of submitting your email, the print job will be automatically deleted.  Remember to check this list of supported files prior to emailing your print job.

Available printers:

Printing Tips

Three steps to remember:

  1. Use "Print preview" before sending your print job to verify formatting and document length.

  2. Select the appropriate printer and check the settings menu to specify simplex or duplex printing.

  3. Verify the costs of your print job in the Equitrac Cost-Preview popup when in the computer labs and log into your Paw Prints User Dashboard to view your balance and history.

Additional tips for success:

  • If you experiencing a problem with our printers or have a question, please ask the computer lab advisor for assistance. Do not open the printers and attempt to troubleshoot problems yourself.

  • If the printers are out of paper, do not attempt to load the paper yourself. Please ask the advisor on duty to assist you.

  • Save money and conserve paper by printing double sided (duplex). Most printers default to double-sided printing and you may confirm this in the printer settings menu.

  • When printing Microsoft Powerpoint presentations, use the "Print Handouts" option from the printing menu to print multiple slides per page.

  • Large files (100 MB+) will not be accepted due to extended print times. Keep graphics to a minimum and make sure to select black and white printing. In Powerpoint, you may also change the slide design back to the default blank (white) background. These changes will insure that your job prints in a timely manner and is readable.

  • Select grayscale from the print menu to speed up printing times.

  • When printing Adobe Acrobat .pdf files, click on the small print button in the browser window that is attached to the Acrobat software application rather than the one on the web browser's toolbar. If you are not sure which button to use, please ask an advisor for assistance. Clicking the wrong button may print blank sheets and wastes paper.

  • When printing html documents from web pages that contain frames, right click on the frame that you want to print and select print from the menu.

Financial Aid Student Information

UCCS Paw Prints: Student Financial Aid Information

The cost of the printing package will be billed to your UCCS student account. 
If you are a student receiving any type of financial aid, please review the following:

"When using Paw Prints printing services, you may authorize UCCS to pay for the printing package with your financial aid award. If you authorize this charge, it will be directly applied to your UCCS student account. If your UCCS student account has financial aid award monies, they will be used to pay for the Paw Prints charges."

For more information please contact Financial Aid (719)255-3460.