Sustainable Practices

Sustainable Practices


Ways in which OIT is implementing sustainable practices

  • Sustainability in the Department
    • Motion sensing lights turn off when we are away from the desk
    • Upgraded IT vehicle from gas to hybrid vehicle
  • Sustainability in Labs
    • Changeover from desktop/monitors to all-in-one PCs to reduce electricity usage
    • Every iteration of computers has a better energy star rating than the previous one
    • Transition from HDD to SSD to reduce power consumption
    • Purchase computers with recyclable packaging
    • Aggressive power savings modes put computers to sleep when not in use
    • All computers automatically power off at night
    • Use only recycled paper, plan on transitioning to sugar cane paper over next year
    • Printers have modern power save modes for quick sleep/wake
    • Recycle old toner cartridges
  • Sustainability using Smart Classrooms
    • New laser projectors use less power and do not require bulbs, eliminating hazardous waste
    • Room A/V interfaces sleep when not in use and have to be woken up to power on.
    • Conduct internal audits on our power consumption across various rooms around campus to find areas to be improved.
    • Properly dispose of all hazardous waste (lamps and batteries)
    • Old equipment is recycled or sold to be repurposed
    • A/V systems designed to have all non-used equipment stay in sleep/standby
    • Newer podiums are passively cooled (do not rely on constantly running fans to cool equipment)

Are you a UCCS employee?

Follow these instructions to recycle your laptop, desktop, or other University electronics property.

Electronics Recycling Instructions for Employees