FAQs for MS Teams Softphones

What is a softphone?
Is there a charge?
How do I request this service?
What do I do with my existing physical phone?
Do I need to dial 9 to use the phone?
Can I have a voicemail box only extension, much like I did before?
I currently have a voicemail box only extension and a primary extension. What extension will I keep when migrated?
Will call centers be able to use this technology?
Will my current voicemail settings and messages migrate over?
When will I be migrated?
Can I keep my existing Jabber profile?
Will I be able to have speed dials?
Can I answer another line using softphones, much like I do from a physical phone?
What happens to the phone number when I move departments, change jobs, or leave the university?
Can a student employee have a phone extension?
Can the expense of a line be shared across multiple departments?
Will analog phones be affected?
Will headsets or physical phones be available?