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Academics Web Server

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Academics Web Server

The Academics Web Server is a self-service solution for faculty who want to host their own HTML files. Using the Academics Web Server requires some knowledge of FTP clients and HTML.


  • Features
    • Web hosting for static content outside of CMS
    • 2 GB file system quota
  • Benefits

    Hosting static web sites for Faculty.

  • Who May Use This Service?


  • What Do I Need To Get This Service?

    UCCS active directory account.

  • How Do I Get Started?

    Available with the creation of their account.

  • How Long Does It Take To Get This Service?

    Access is enabled and available on first login from the user.

  • When Is Support Available For This Service?

    Posted Service Desk Hours

  • How Do I Change Or Stop This Service?

    Request site deletion or the site gets deleted after users leave the university.