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Site Kickoff


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It’s important to know why you’re building the site. Is it for sales or marketing? Is it a tool for communication or an online brochure? Do you want visitors to email you? Call you? Subscribe to a newsletter? Knowing your goals will help focus your ideas for the site.

Even if you don’t like the idea of selling yourself, it’s what we all do, every day, if we want to be successful. Finding the answer to this question will determine what are the most important themes of the site, what to name the buttons, and the tone to use when writing the content.

Redirects are old URLs that may still exist on print documents or as links from other sites. We can create redirects so that users who navigate to these URLs are forwarded on to your new address, instead of receiving error messages.
Please remember to update your URL on any marketing collateral you send out at or after the launch.
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The design team can explain the types and dimensions of images that can be used on the pages.

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Content intended only for internal audiences should be placed on Canvas.