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The UCCS-Guest wireless network provides an unsecure, unencrypted wireless connection for guests. Think of it like the free wireless at a coffeeshop. When you first connect to this network you are presented a portal where you can choose a few different guest access options – with an option that allows you to join and use our secure and encrypted wireless network.

Visit the UCCS Wireless Homepage for wireless network status and additional information.


  • Features

    First time guests to campus should connect to UCCS-Guest for guest wireless options. The two main options are:

    • Single click access – this gives you basic internet access and you will stay connected to UCCS-Guest. Note that this is an unsecure and unencrypted network.
    • Register for Guest Account – this option allows you to register for a temporary username and password that you can use to join the UCCS-Wireless network if you would like a secure and encrypted wireless connection.
  • Who May Use This Service?

    Guests and visitors on campus.

  • What Do I Need To Get This Service?

    Your wireless device needs to meet some basic requirements. Visit our knowledgebase for detailed steps on how to request a guest account, or contact our Service Desk for additional help.

  • What Is Included With This Service?
    • A basic internet connection that is unsecure and unencrypted (like the wireless at a coffeeshop).
    • If you would like internet access over a secure and encrypted wireless connection, you can register for and receive a temporary username and password that can be used to join the secure UCCS-Wireless network.
  • When Is Support Available For This Service?

    During posted OIT Service Desk hours.

  • How Do I Change Or Stop This Service?

    You can end the connection through your WiFi settings (usually by selecting the wireless network and choosing ‘forget’)