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Faculty, Staff, and Students Lists


Faculty, Staff, and Students Lists

The Faculty, Staff and Student email lists are special mailing lists that allow the campus to communicate with our campus community. The use of 3 different lists gives the sender the ability to choose what audience they would like to address.

  • Securely send email to ALL Faculty, Staff, and Student accounts at UCCS

  • Faculty, Staff and Students are each added to their respective lists automatically.

  • In order to send to the Faculty and Staff lists, you must be an active UCCS Faculty or Staff member.

  • To access the Faculty and Staff lists use the following link: Faculty and Staff Lists.

    Requests to utilize the student list can be sent to students@uccs.edu. This list is moderated by Tracy Barber, who is responsible for vetting and approving email content submitted to the student list.

  • Posted IT Service Desk hours

  • Inclusion on the Faculty, Staff or Student Email List is removed once your UCCS account is no longer active.