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UCCS student accounts are created when a student is accepted to UCCS. The UCCS account is a technology account that gives the student access to various technology based resources across campus. 

  • Features

    Student account credentials (consists of student's username and password) are used to access the following online tools/ features:

  • Who May Get this Service?

    All students who are currently enrolled at UCCS have a student account. Once the student graduates or is no longer deemed as enrolled by the University, they lose access to their account and almost all their account benefits.

    UCCS graduates and retirees are allowed to keep their email accounts. See Alumni Email.

  • What Do I need to get this Service?

    In order to obtain a student account, a perspective student must apply and be accepted to the University. In order to apply, please visit our home page and click the "Apply Now" button. Contact information for admissions can be found at: Admissions.

  • How do I get Started?

    A student can claim his or her account by visiting the My UCCS Account website and selecting the 'Claim Your Account' link that appears under the Account Maintenance Menu. Information about the account will be included in the acceptance letter. 

  • When is Support Available?

    Support for your account and password needs is available 24/7 at https://myaccount.uccs.edu/

    Additional assistance is available during posted Service Desk hours. 

  • How do I Change or Stop Service?

    Once the student stops enrolling in classes for more than two semesters, the student account is deactivated and eventually deleted.