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Lion One Card


Lion One Card

The campus University Center manages Lion One Cards for all students, faculty and staff. Lion One Cards are an identification card used on campus for various services such as Kraemer Family Library checkouts, Clyde's Cash, and building access. For more information direct from the University Center, click on the following link: Lion Card.

  • Who May Use This Service?

    Students, Faculty, and Staff.

  • How Do I Get Started?

    The Info Desk in the University Center issues Lion One Cards to active Students, Faculty and Staff. To get your card printed, visit the Info Desk and provide them with either your Student or Employee ID.

  • How Long Does It Take To Get This Service?

    Your Lion One Card is printed on the spot. 

  • When Is Support Available For This Service?

    The University Center has varying hours depending on the day, click on the following link to see their posted hours: University Center Hours.

    If you have lost your Lion One Card, or have had it stolen, please follow these steps to report a lost or stolen card. It is important that you report it as soon as possible so the card can be deactivated before issuing a new one.