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Enterprise is a UCCS server that allows UCCS Faculty and Staff to save data from any computer on campus and then access the data from somewhere else. It can be accessed from on or off campus, as long as you have the username and password for the account that it was saved under.

  • Who May Use This Service?

    Faculty and Staff.

  • How Long Does It Take To Get This Service?

    Access is revoked upon leaving UCCS.

  • When Is Support Available For This Service?

    Posted OIT Service Desk hours

  • Data Policies

    APS 6005 IT Security Program - This policy details the entire IT Security Program, but under section 1 IT Resource User Responsibilities, "Establishes IT security requirements for all IT resource users in protecting University information and IT resources." 

    APS 2006 Retention of University Records - II.2. "University records shall be maintained in a medium owned or controlled by the University.  If the University does not offer a practical solution, (as determined by the campus information resource oversight authority) records may be maintained on outsourced IT services (such as web sites, web-based documents or social media sites), as long as departments seek approval from the campus IT security principal to ensure that vendor contracts and/or terms of service meet University standards."

    IT is aware that some employees have been using services that have not been approved to store University information.  Approved services have met certain guidelines to become approved such as testing, security practices, history of the service, terms of service, etc.  Unapproved services have not met or not yet met these guidelines.  If any unapproved services listed are below, the service may be putting University information at risk.  Any other services that are not listed on this page have not been fully reviewed and if you are using such a service, please contact IT Security for a review.