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BI Self-Service Consultation & Training


BI Self-Service Consultation & Training


The Business Intelligence Team offers consultation and training services to end users interested in interpreting existing reports, editing reports to include additional or different fields, and using Cognos, PS Query or Tableau to produce new reporting options.


  • Features

    Consultation and training, best practice sharing, tips and guidance for interpreting existing reports and enhancing or creating reports of your own

  • Who May Use This Service?

    Any existing Student, Faculty, or Staff associated with UCCS with access to the applicable systems and who meet the following requirements.

    • Requires approved access to the data requested following standard UCCS approval request processes
    • Requires an understanding of the data requested and clear communication of its intended use
    • PS Query Access if request includes PS Query
    • Cognos Access if request includes Cognos
    • Tableau Access if request includes Tableau



  • How Do I Change Or Stop This Service?

    Update requirements with the Business Intelligence Team through a Cherwell Ticket.

  • How Much Does This Service Cost?

    Users can view and interact with reports using the Tableau Online option.  If additional functionality is needed to create and edit, a Tableau Desktop license and associated cost can be discussed with the end user.