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Data Modeling & Architecture


Data Modeling & Architecture


For any Faculty, Staff, or Student wishing to collect, store and extract new data and/or incorporate new data into UCCS's existing architecture, the Business Intelligence Team will provide guidance on Data Governance Requirements for naming conventions, data standards, security policies, and relational database logic. This proactive service will prevent out of synch data, data duplication, and siloed data.


  • Features

    Training and best practices guidance for incorporating new data sources within the existing infrastructure. 

  • Who May Use This Service?

    Any existing Faculty or Staff associated with UCCS with access to the applicable systems and who meet the following requirements.

    • Requires approved access to the data requested following standard UCCS approval request processes
    • Requires an understanding of the data requested and clear communication of its intended use
    • Requires an ability to share required and intended data usage specifications



  • How Do I Change Or Stop This Service?

    Update requirements with the Business Intelligence Team through a Cherwell Ticket.

  • How Much Does This Service Cost?

    No cost requirement.