Internal Security Measures


Internal Security Measures

Sample Organizational Unit Internal Security Measures

In an effort to be more secure with our computers and sensitive information we're asking that you follow these security guidelines.  Sensitive data has currently been detailed as SSN's and credit cards, but this list is expected to grow.

  • If you work in a public reception area, please lock your computer when you are away from your desk and place sensitive physical papers in a locked drawer.
  • If you do not work in a public reception area, please lock your office or your computer when away from your desk.  If your system is left on overnight, please log off or lock it when you leave for the day.
    Note: For both conservation and security reasons it is suggested you turn off your systems nightly, but at the very least on Friday when you leave for the weekend.
  • Do not keep sensitive information on portable devices (laptops, pdas, flash drive, external hard drives, etc).  If you deal with sensitive data frequently then we must secure it (Please contact me directly for details).
  • Do not leave portable electronics out in the open if you are in a public area.

Please note that locking your system is fairly quick and is not the same as logging off.  To lock your system, simply press the Windows logo key +  the "L" key before you walk away from your system.   When you return you can unlock your system by using your campus username and password.

Information Security