Registration and Support of EC Technology


Registration and Support of EC Technology

The IT department works closely with Campus Compliance and the OSPRI to ensure compliance with all applicable United States export-control laws and regulations.  In particular, th IT helpdesk and the Information Security Office is prepared to help with:


1) If you are travelling internationally, you must read and understand the Technology Control Plan (TCP) provided by OSPRI related to your Export Controlled Information.  TCP's are also reviewed by the Information Security Office and all research related computers must be registering the Information Security office and receive a security assessment. 

2) All  researchers with Export Controlled information who are traveling out of the country and wish to carry a computer, must obtain a "sanitized laptop" that includes a secure operating system and encrypted drives. In addition, the laptop will be securely cleaned when the traveler returns to the UCCS campus.

3) The information Security Office will monitor and restrict access to UCCS IT resources that are deemed to be export controlled.  This process will include Vulnerability Scanning and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) monitoring of EC systems.

Contact the ISO to register your export controlled technology

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