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Paw Prints is the UCCS pay-for-printing service that lets campus members print using OIT supported printers located throughout campus.  Print jobs can be sent from campus OIT Lab computers, online through the web, using the mobile app, and printing directly to printers or to a FindMePrinting queue which lets you release your print job where you want, when you want.  

Paw Prints is now on PaperCut! 

Paw Prints runs on PaperCut for its managed print service, which can be used with Clyde’s Cash on your Lion OneCard and Mobile ID!  The new Paw Prints also offers Color Printing, Copying, and Scan to email.

Quick Links

  • Paw Prints User Portal - See your account balances, job history, and other info for your account.
  • Lion OneCard - Everything about the Lion OneCard, Mobile ID, and Clyde's Cash.
  • UCCS eAccounts - Manage and add funds to your Clyde's Cash Account. 


About Paw Prints

What's new with Paw Prints on PaperCut?
Who can use Paw Prints?
What does it cost?
Where are the printers located?
Printer models and limitations
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How To Print

Printing Basics
Find Me Printing
Direct Printing
Copy and Scanning on PawPrints
Web printing or BYOD
Public Patron Printing
Department Printing
Help! - Print Troubleshooting


Managing Your Paw Prints Account

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