November 9, 2018 Newsletter


November 9, 2018 Newsletter

UCCS Campus in winter

Comings & Goings

Please join us in welcoming our new team member:

Brandon Poulliot joined the LMS team, effective November 5th. 


We wish these team members the best in their

future endeavors:

Abby will be leaving her position on Thursday, November 15th.

Ryan will be leaving his position on Saturday, November 24th. 


Please join us in congratulating the following team members for their

promotion into full time staff:

Rachel Menkhus 
will join the Academic Support Team, effective November 12th. 
Matt Barsoum will join the Academic Support Team, effective November 12th.

UCCS logo

CU Anschutz New Email & Web Addresses

The CU Anschutz campus is getting a unique identity, with new email, web addresses and more. In early 2019, CU Anschutz will move student, faculty and staff email from a email address to a email address. Websites will also change to CU Anschutz’s new brand. Learn more in this news article.

humanity logo

UCCS Humanity

Over the last few months, the student employee managers have been meeting to find a solution for the entire OIT department in scheduling student employees. Those who participated in the discussions and demos, decided on Humanity. Humanity consolidates the three online platforms and multiple other methods that student managers were using to schedule their students. For questions, please see Ryan.

Microsoft teams

Microsoft Teams Stats

October Statistics:
  • 1600 on campus users 
  • 300 daily on campus users
  • Six department demos 

A full campus roll out is scheduled for January 14th, 2019. Communications for the transition from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams, to the campus, will begin on November 26th, 2018. The current Service Catalog link can be found here.

October Shred-a-thon


On October 31st, OIT Security, in collaboration with the Help Desk, collected and recycled:

  • 2,475 lbs of computer material
  • 522 lbs of display material
  • 1,497 lbs of general e-waste
  • 516 lbs of base material
  • and over 300 hard drives were shredded

Materials were recycled through Blue Star Recyclers. A similar event will be planned for 2019.

OIT Communications Calendar 

The OIT Communications calendar is SharePoint calendar that allows you to plan your communication needs, as well as shows you what is being communicated, form OIT, and when. Simply use the calendar as you would for any other appointment or meeting. Be sure to include as much information as you know. Once completed, the event gets routed for approval where we will work together to communicate your event, information or update. You can find this calendar through the Communications channel in the Office of Information Team or online.