November 21, 2018 Newsletter


November 21, 2018 Newsletter

UCCS Campus in winter


  • Upcoming Interviews
    • Web Designer - December 3 & 4
    • BI Analyst Manager - December 6
  • OIT Student Employee Holiday Party
    • December 7, 2019
    • Please forward invitation to students
    • Student supervisors and Directors are encouraged to attend

12 characters for 12 months

12 Characters for 12 Months

The UCCS OIT Security team is looking at changing the password requirements for all Faculty, Staff, and Students. The new requirement would be 12 characters for 12 months. Password requirements would not include capitalization or special characters, only 12 characters and not guessable.  

Currently, students do not need to change their password for 12 months, but they only need 10 characters. Faculty and Staff change their password every 90 days and must have a minimum of eight characters. The new requirements would be for anyone who has a UCCS email address. 

This is an opportunity to switch from “passwords” to “pass-phrases”.  Pass-phrases are easy to type and easy to remember.  Let us know if you are in favor of this change, or would like more information, by completing this anonymous form.
outdoor wireless project

Outdoor Wireless Project

On November 12, the Outdoor Wireless project team and contractors, CDW,  officially (and literally) broke ground on the Outdoor Wireless project!

The Outdoor Wireless project began in November of 2017 in an effort to extend WiFi coverage to the outdoor areas on our campus. The newly extended coverage will provide uninterrupted UCCS wireless signal through our beautiful campus. Outdoor WiFi coverage will start at Main Hall and continue down the spine to Alpine Garage. Additional coverage can be found in front of Centennial, University Center, throughout the West Lawn, and in front of El Pomar/Kramer Family Library.

During the following weeks, construction will continue with completion targeted for January of 2019. As areas are finished, WiFi coverage will be turned on for the completed areas.


Breaks - Busiest Time of the Year

Did you know OIT takes the opportunity to upgrade many systems over the break?  These updates will include the following over the break:

  • Splunk
  • Primary Storage
  • Primary Virtualization Servers
  • Upgrade all domain servers, and clusters of servers to Windows 2019
  • Add Authentication to the cloud
  • Add more redundancy for servers including authentication and DNS

We would love to hear from you if you have big upgrades coming during the break.

image with text: Smart Classroom, time to upgrade

Technology Upgrade for OIT Supported Classrooms

OIT-Academic Support is planning a major technology upgrade to all audio/visual equipment in supported classrooms. The goal is to have the same technology standard applied to all general funded, Office of the Registrar scheduled, campus-wide resources. A/V technology needs vary across the different departments on campus, and as such the team will work with those individuals to create exceptions to the standard classroom if absolutely needed. The upgrade will be kicked off in Centennial Hall 192, on November 26th.  The intent is to place a temporary system for instructors to use, while work is being performed to tear down old equipment and install new equipment in the classroom. The temporary system will consist of a 98” display, a lectern with OIT supported all-in-one computer, a document camera, Blu-ray player, laptop VGA and HDMI connections and a wireless presentation device, which allows instructors and users to connect to the system wirelessly, with any device of their choice (Apple, Android, Windows, tablet, phone, computer, etc.). A whiteboard will also be available for users as well. Some disruption to the classroom is expected, however, every effort will be made to keep everyone informed about the schedule and training opportunities for the new technology.