Setup Instructions for Android Devices:

Easy as 1, 2, 3...

1) Download the PrinterOn app from the Google Play Store:
Search google play store for PrinterOn application for your device

We recommend updating the app automatically.
Download the PrinterOn application from the Google Play Store:

2) Add your UCCS username and password in the settings menu:
From within the application open the settings menu

Select the add button

Do not include with your username and you must set "Use as default" to on.
Enter your username and password and set to use as default

3) Choose which UCCS printer(s) you want to use:
Return to PrinterOn home screen and select manage printers

Select search from top middle tab

Enter UCCS and press the go button

Select your desired printer from the list

Review the details and confirm the printer by pressing save

The printer now shows up in the My Printers list and may be used by the app.  Return to the home screen to select the item to be printed.