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Memberships and Subscriptions


Various memberships and subscriptions that Media Services uses that you can take advantage of. 

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SCETC, or the Southern Colorado Educational Television Consortium, was established in 1986 to promote the educational use of television. The SCETC is a non-profit organization whose board members represent the major educational institutions in southern Colorado. Founding members of SCETC include the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak Community College, the Pikes Peak Library District (represented by ELIC), School District #11, Rocky Mountain PBS (then KTSC-TV, Pueblo), Comcast (then Colorado Springs Cablevision) and the Pikes Peak Community Producers. Current membership includes all public school districts in Colorado Springs, UCCS, PPCC, and the Pikes Peak Library District. The consortium meets monthly.

SCOLA is a non-profit educational organization transmitting international television programs for educational use via satellite. All programs are shown unedited and in the original language.

SCOLA's mission is to help the people of the world learn about one another; their cultures, their languages, and their ideologies. SCOLA emphasizes the importance and effectiveness of modern information technology as a tool in overcoming barriers to global understanding and will remain at the forefront of its application.

UCCS subscribes to this programming as a service to the very large and diverse international community in the Pikes Peak Region. SCOLA is available on Comcast Channel 20, Century Link, Falcon Broadband whenever UCCS is not broadcasting CU-Net telecourses or other university programming. Viewers may access the SCOLA schedule at http://www.SCOLA.org