Mobile Printing Tips

Moble Printing

Mobile Printing Tips

UCCS Paw Prints offers several Mobile Printing options for customers who wish to print from off campus or from their own devices.

Mobile Printing Website

You can use a web browser to upload and print a document to one of our supported Paw Prints printers by visiting the UCCS Mobile Printing Website.   

Once there, click on the PRINT button and then securely log in with your UCCS Login ID and Password.  You will be asked to select a printer, your document, some basic print options, and for final confirmation.  Once completed, your print job will appear at the printer you selected.  Follow-You-Printing is also supported and available in the list of Printers.


Email Printing

Print jobs may also be submitted via email to a designated Paw Prints printer from your UCCS Email Account. Both the body of your email message (even if blank) and any attachment(s) over 50kb will be printed.

When submitting a print job by email, you will receive an automated email confirmation that requires you to visit a web link to authorize the print job and it's cost.  Jobs will print immediately after clicking the authorization link, except for Follow-You-Printing which will be held until released at Follow-You-Printing Station.  If the link is not visited within 30 minutes of submitting your email, the print job will be automatically deleted.  Remember to check this list of supported files prior to emailing your print job. Available printers:


Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps are available for iOS and Android for users to access Paw Prints services from anywhere with their mobile device.  Please click on the device type of your choice for more details.


Mobile Print Driver

A Windows print driver is available as part of our Mobile Printing solution, and is a convenient option if you print frequently from your personal computer or tablet devices and want more control over your mobile print jobs.  The PrintWhere driver from PrinterOn is available for you to download and install on your windows computer or tablet and begin using this fast and convenient service.

Once installed, open the PrinterOn Printer Select window and search for UCCS.  A list of available Paw Prints printers will then be displayed for you to choose from.  Paw Prints charges are automatically billed to your account.